What are the delivery options?

  • Postnet to postnet: Your package will be sent to your nearest Postnet office and will be collected from there by you. You will need to specify which Postnet branch you want it sent to.
  • Courier: Your package will be sent directly to your door at the address you specified. Please make sure the information you give is correct.
  • Collection: We are Durban based and if you are too, you are welcome to arrange to have your package collected at a pre-arranged time. Once your package is ready you will be notified. If you want to have your own courier or service collect your package you can use this option too and specify in the notes section.
  • SAPO Package: Your package will be sent via the South African Postal Service to the address specified by you. Your package will then be collected from SAPO by yourself.
  • Hold Shipping / Combine order: Your package will be packed and kept on hold until you complete your order with a next purchase. Use this option if you don’t want to pay shipping for small orders. You can place your package ‘on hold’ until you are ready to send multiple orders combined as one. If you use this option please only apply your delivery option on the last order.

No delivery option has insurance. If you would like to add insurance to your package please get in touch and we can add that to your order at an additional fee


One of my favourite things about doing made to order clothing is that the item is genuinely made “for you”. I try to keep the prints and fabrics limited so that not everyone gets the same item in the same colour. I do realise that some prints and colours are just a lot more popular than others. If fabric is not ‘in stock’ anymore but you absolutely must have it in that print I will do my best to source more.

Unfortunately, many times the fabric is seasonal which means when it is gone it is gone. When I source fabric to keep on hand I try to keep enough for a few items. Sometimes that means I take it all and sometimes it means there is some left behind. If you absolutely must have a fabric I don’t have ‘in stock’ anymore I will do my best to source more, unfortunately this is not guaranteed.